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Agent Mobile offers various repairs and services for Apple's popular iPhone series. Most commonly, we are asked to complete screen repairs and battery replacements. We have made all of our pricing for those repairs available through our website for your convenience.




Agent Mobile offers many other services on Apple iPhones. We've listed a few of our more common repairs and services below. As always, if you have an issue that isn't listed please get in touch with us, we'd love to hear what's going on and have the opportunity to offer you a repair solution!


Data recovery

Even in the most extreme cases, Agent Mobile has a reputation for successful data recovery. Whether your phone is inaccessible, has water damage or a cracked screen, our team will do everything we can to retrieve your data.


Data recovery services have several levels based on severity of damage.

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Camera repair

Is your camera shaking or wobbling when trying to capture life's beautiful moments? Cracked lens causing fog in your photos? Agent Mobile can replace your broken camera and ensure your shots are picture-perfect once again!


Charging issues

Having trouble charging your phone? Does your port look clogged with dust and debris? Charger stuck inside the phone? Don't worry, Agent Mobile has your back! We offer services, from chemical washing to port replacement, that will get your phone back to charging like the day it was bought.


Other issues

From front camera and light sensors to vibration motors and speakers, Agent Mobile has experience working with all sorts of iPhone components. If you have an issue that isn't listed here, please give us a call or send us a message, we'd be happy to assist you!


Liquid damage

It happens to everyone. You dropped your phone into the toilet, the sink, or the lake. DON'T put it in a bag of rice! Liquid damage is very serious and time sensitive. Bring your phone in to be serviced by Agent Mobile ASAP! Service starts with a full disassembly, drying the device, and a chemical wash on affected components.

* In most cases of liquid damage, our service is considered to be for "data recovery" purposes only. Due to the nature of liquid damage, we normally cannot offer any type of warranty on these services as we are unable to guarantee long-term functionality of your device.

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